Solution Design

Using the Design Thinking Model, we take you through a solution design journey that will help truly define your problem and gain consensus from everyone involved on a solution. After all, no problem can be adequately solved unless it is identified.

Core belief and value proposition

Experts have the knowledge to empathize and define problems quickly and accurately —>  This is essential to any solution and we won’t begin until we are confident that we have the right people.  Our ecosystem allows us to bring niche experts in for short periods to accomplish this.

We use the Design Thinking approach to identify a solution that will solve a problem you are facing.  We believe that attempting to build a solution without adequately addressing each step of the Design Thinking process can lead to churn and wasted funds.  Our model enables our customer to be more effective in all 5 steps of the Design Thinking.  

Empathize & Define

We bring you an expert in your industry as well as the specific business domain that this solution falls into.  An expert with years of experience can create empathy in both technical and business-focused directions.  Once that phase is complete, we ensure that expert is paired with another specialist that has the technical knowledge needed to define the problem from both a technical and business perspective.


Once the problem has been defined correctly, we facilitate brainstorming until you are comfortable with a solution that should be prototyped.  Again leading this will be experts that will help create productive brainstorming.

Prototype & Test

We have “build and test” teams standing by to create and test prototypes at lightning fast speeds.  This enables you to choose a solution that you know will be effective for your organization.  By actually touching and feeling what your investment will be.