About Us

We deliver solutions that humans love to use.

JumpModel is a company that was founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 2018. After spending years delivering solutions in the digital space, the founders decided that digital consulting was broken. The time had come for the customers and the users to be at the center once again.

Through empathetic design and world class delivery teams, as well as comprehensive IFS knowledge. We offer the expertise, the tools, and the direction to produce valuable IFS solutions on-demand. Consistently.

In 2021 after doing 100’s of projects on the IFS platform, JumpModel made the decision to focus primarily on providing consulting expertise within the IFS platform as well as acting as an official reselling partner. This gives us a unique perspective coming from a technology agnostic position. We know the strengths and weaknesses of IFS and how to manage them to deliver value to the customer. Our partnership with IFS as a reseller and services provider has been pivotal for the organization, giving us the additional tools and resources we’ve needed to maximize value to our customers.

The JumpModel Management Team

Matthew Carswell

Matthew Carswell is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of JumpModel Inc.  He is charged with  JumpModel’s strategic direction, product creation and most importantly, upholding JumpModel’s high standard in customer service.  His career has been a mix of roles focused on product, technology, sales, management, talent and operations.  Each of these roles has helped form his perspective on how people, technology and business come together to create living, breathing, valuable solutions in the real world. 

His perspective is simple.  An ownership mentality only comes from actual ownership.  There is no substitute for skill and talent.   Don’t manipulate, deceive or coerce, do the right thing. Nice guys don’t finish last, if you really think so you’re looking at the wrong finish line.

Matthew is passionate about shifting paradigms.  Sometimes when you’re a hammer, every problem you see looks like a nail. Even worse if your whole team is made up of hammers, they may tend to agree with you. Sometimes it takes an outsider to tell you that your problem has nothing to do with hammers OR nails.

Clyde Pinto

Clyde Pinto is a Senior Partner spearheading the strategy and delivery consulting arm of JumpModel. Throughout his accomplished career spanning over two decades, Clyde has been instrumental in helping clients leverage technology to drive business growth. His innovative thinking, meticulous assessments, and strategic roadmaps have enabled numerous companies to unlock new opportunities and architect solutions that deliver tangible results.

As the Managing Partner and Senior Partner with established consulting firms large and small he has acted  as a trusted advisor in the energy and utilities and other industries. With a unique blend of domain knowledge, and cutting-edge data analytics technology he has successfully delivered over 100 engagements, including strategic business plans, technology roadmaps, process design, systems architecture, and business data analytics. Prior to this Clyde held various leadership positions at large firms where he played a pivotal role in shaping the Energy Services practices in Canada. With an extensive background in technology and management, Clyde worked with clients across diverse industries such as defense, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, marketing, and energy.