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What We Offer

JumpModel provides digital solutions to companies that are ready to get more done with less.

Can a team of experts contributing their best talents in shorter more precise contributions radically outperform a team of generalists? Our customers agree with us that the answer is yes. And best of all, at less cost.

With our homegrown model you get frequent and transparent information about your digital investments to empower you to make the best business decisions in real time.  We aim to arm you with the truth about today, the latest knowledge about tomorrow, and precise control over your finances to energize your organization to be more competitive than ever.


Our experts can work 1 hour to 1000 hour projects, which allows us to optimize your project for only what is needed. This allows you to truly spend money on what matters, and understand what you are paying for.


We provide you with frequent, detailed, and valuable information to help you make important business decisions on the fly. We want our clients to appreciate the work that we do, and truly understand the improvements that we are making. We have a history of making our clients’ money work for them, and have a 92% actual cost vs budget ratio.

Expert Knowledge

Our consultants have strong industry domain knowledge, which allows them to drop seamlessly into many situations and instantly provide important value. As we all know, experience can often save a tremendous amount of time and energy for any organization. This expert knowledge can provide you with unique perspectives and strategies that can shape your company’s future.

Crowdsourced pools

We have crowdsourced pools for Solutions Architecture, UI / UX design, Application Design, Build, and test. These pools add further control by providing the incredible valuable emergent quality of many brilliant minds who are competing to win awards. This has the potential to be a real game-changer when it is called for.

For example, imagine ten options to choose from on your next UI design, or a hundred testers competing to find the most bugs on your application. The concept of a “bug bounty” can be quite successful when it comes to truly improving applications of all kinds, and providing this incentive may end up being one of the best decisions that you can make.

Small Projects

There is no project too small for us. Our model allows us to deliver work in very small iterations, which means you can optimize your cost and your deliverables and ensure that you are getting what you bargained for. We truly believe that every project is important, and that our clients should be satisfied, regardless of the scope of our goals and objectives.

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A Full Suite of Support

A range of solutions to fit any size project

Solution Design

Solution Design

Using the Design Thinking Model, we take you through a solution design journey that will help truly define your problem and gain consensus from everyone involved on a solution. After all, no problem can be adequately solved unless it is identified.

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Build and Evolve

Build and Evolve

We will deliver you a minimum viable product as quickly as possible, using all of the manpower and technology at our disposal.  Of course, afterwards, we place the reins in your hands. The Build and Evolve model was created from the bottom up to give you maximum control of your digital investments from day one. 

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Technical Debt Management

Technical Debt Management

We have an expert do a free assessment of your current state, resulting in a backlog of technical debt items in play. With your assistance, we will prioritize them, then address  each item as your time and budget dicates.   The expert will act as a concierge, bringing in other experts as the backlog dictates. 

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Lean Projects & Micro-solutions,  On-Demand Specialists

Lean Projects & Micro-solutions, On-Demand Specialists

No project is too small for us, and no amount of work is too little for our specialists.  We can work backwards from a cost, do fixed-priced work, work on retainer, etc.  This is where we roll up our sleeves and get creative to solve problems for you in small, manageable chunks.

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