Digital Build

After solution design it’s now time to build something commercially viable.  Get to MVP as fast as humanly possible, so your users can start making value assessments and getting feedback.  It is key to have a highly flexible team that can ramp down to a skeleton crew if strategic decisions need to be made about the solution.

Why? Our thoughts..

  • Good requirements are difficult to make and require specific expertise 
  • Stakeholders tend to see development as a “black box” which is hard to manage 
  • Development teams are usually a fixed instead of variable cost, which means requirements must be in steady supply to justify cost 

How can this be solved?

Lightning fast MVP

Build an MVP as fast as possible so that you can start receiving value from your investment. Don’t build more than what you need to get valuable feedback.

Platform and Minimal Code

Use low-code / no-code tools when a platform does not exist to address your solution. This will cut your build time significantly and also reduce your cost of ownership over the long term.

Partner Ecosystems

Get access to a partner ecosystem that can parachute in only when you need them. Don’t pay for anyone who is standing by waiting to add value.

Digital Build: Our set play to build solutions with ultra-lean teams.

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