Micro-solutions & 
On-Demand Specialists

No project is too small for us, and no amount of work is too little for our specialists. We can work backwards from a cost, do fixed-priced work, work on retainer, etc. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get creative to solve problems for you in small, manageable chunks

Core belief and value proposition:

A top 1% expert can provide more value in 10 hours than another individual might be able to provide in 40 hours ——–> We have created a platform and methodology for you to tap into this price differential. Experts typically cost 2x per hour, but get 4-6x the work done. This ensures that your problems are solved and your solutions are provided. We truly believe in the motto: “Faster, cheaper, better.”

Lean Projects & Micro-solutions

Data and Analytics

Do you need to migrate, integrate, report, or analyze data?  We have experts that can guide you through this journey. They will put together a high-level approach, project plan and estimate for you before you spend anything. This “no-pressure” strategy is great for smaller organizations that want to ensure that they have the capital to spend on data analytics.

Custom Applications Development

Do you want a to build a custom application or modify an existing application but are finding it hard to get started?  We can put a solution together for you and show you an approach, plan, and a high-level estimate before you spend any money.

Cloud Applications and Platforms

Whether you are considering a major cloud platform or a niche SaaS provider, getting it right can be difficult.  We have experts to guide you through this process and provide you with insights from day one. It’s no secret that more organizations than ever are turning to cloud technology, and with good reason – they can help tremendously in terms of data storage, cutting costs, and cybersecurity.

On Premises Enterprise Applications

Do you need work done on your large on-prem applications like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics? We can help. Perhaps you are looking for work to be completed on something niche like IFS, Maximo?

On-Demand Specialists

JumpModel truly believes that the right specialists and experts can revolutionize an entire organization. We also understand that there are certainly all sorts of non-human aspects to business and technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, the truth is that the insight and experience of a seasoned specialist can prove invaluable to organizations of any sector. We provide on-demand specialists in a number of various capacities to ensure maximum success.

The Steady

A full-time resource that is consistently available. This would be a “standard” specialist that will help you address issues and improve productivity.

The Dial

Weekly, monthly, quarterly time period where hours can be “dialed up or “dialed down”. Increments of 1, 5 , 10 hours can be arranged, for your convenience, to be utilized for specific reasons and goals.

The Call

Pay a retainer to have a resource commit to addressing your need for a given time. The retainer can be flexible, and we are willing to negotiate on a case-by-case basis, for maximum convenience.

The Slice

An expert consultant for a consistent 5-25 hours a week. This might be ideal for those who want access to an expert at all times, even during stretches where it is unsure how the consultant will be utilized.

The Weekender

1 hour call on Friday, 5, 10, 15 hours worth of work to be done over the weekend, results are there when you’re back on Monday. This might be great for the entrepreneurs who want to ensure that their organization is consistently expanding and improving, even on non-business days.

The “One-Timer”

one time need for very specific human expertise for a periods as short as 30 minutes and up to 40 hours. This is ideal for those who have a very specific issue to solve.


Total cost agreement - Fixed price's more flexible, cheaper and friendlier cousin. A pricing arrangement that allows buyer and seller to be comfortable with risk and accountability yet still be a task-based engagement.