Technical Debt Management

We have an expert do a free assessment of your current state, resulting in a backlog of technical debt items in play.  With your assistance, we will prioritize them, then wait until your project portfolio frees up.  As a result, the expert acts as a concierge, bringing in other experts as the backlog dictates.  The result is that you will eventually see your technical debt backlog slowly dwindle while you still have money to spend on the revenue-generating projects that truly matter.

Core belief and value proposition

Technical debt is exponentially more expensive when it is addressed reactively  ——> Our service gives you a line of sight into your technical debt backlog and prices each line item so you can prioritize it and fit it into your budget as fluctuations happen.  This allows you to stay ahead of the curve, and remain more engaged with the pricing than with the competition.


Need applications moved to the cloud?  Change cloud providers or services?  Not sure if your SaaS stack is providing the benefits you envisioned?


You might know that you can automate provisioning, deployment, and testing, but don’t know where to start?  Want to containerize some of your applications to mitigate cloud vendor lock-in?

On-prem Infrastructure

Do you need to replatform, provision, upgrade, migrate your infrastructure?


Do you have outdated hardware that may impact your users?  Want to get proactive and see what is out there? 

End User Support

Do you want to modernize the way your users get support but don’t know where to start?


 Do you need an expert to tell you where you are truly exposed? An expert that will action, not dictate?