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Much is wasted on solutions and products that do not meet the needs of their users. The predominant culprit is easy to state yet hard to fix.  It is very difficult for users to articulate their pain accurately and therefore also hard for them to build solutions to solve that pain.  Designers should use immersion, observation and empathy to design solutions that make humans smile.

Why? Our thoughts..

  • Those experiencing problems are too close to the problem to objectively analyse the problem
  • Immersion, observation and empathy are the most important parts of the design process, yet are overlooked due to difficulty and lack of a plan
  • Piles of cash can be saved with a well executed proof of concept, prototype and MVP.
  • Don’t build anything commercially viable until you’ve seen users smile with your solution

How can this be solved?

Immersion, observation, empathy

Spend time with those experiencing the problem. Get immersed in their world. Observe them experiencing the problem and make use of the power of empathic design.

Proof of concept

Use words, pictures and diagrams to prove that a solutions can be done. Don’t waste money figuring it if or how you should do something until you know it can be done with a strong business case.


Get a clickable experience in front of your users. Observe how they react to it. Uncover valuable and useless features before you increase your investment. Wait until your users smile, then build.

Digital Prototype: Our set play to design solutions humans love.

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