Energy And Utilities

Bring technology and energy together to build your vision.

Ultra lean, lightning fast, very easy.

Experience the power of our exclusive partnership with IFS. Gain immediate access to a top-tier Energy & Utilities ecosystem, tailored to meet your unique requirements. From comprehensive work and asset management to efficient IT/OT integration, seamless billing, and effective demand side management, our solutions enable you to achieve rapid results while shaping your future vision.

What we offer.

  • Streamlined implementation of IFS solutions with our ecosystem of Energy and Utilities specialists for an Ultra Lean delivery experience.
  • Vast business domain knowledge in many common and niche areas such as OT, Asset Management, Work Management, GIS and Billing
  • Tailored frameworks designed to effectively engage and ensure lightning-fast delivery of high-quality IFS solutions.


What challenges are you aiming to address with IFS? Have you accurately defined those challenges? At JumpModel, we specialize in leveraging the design thinking model to ensure the correct identification of challenges from the start, saving valuable resources. Our approach involves thorough analysis of the current state and a deep understanding of your organization’s strategy and vision, all while utilizing the power of IFS solutions.


Empower our core group of architects, SMEs, and advisors, specialized in IFS solutions, to craft a solution that caters to your present and future requirements. Their exceptional skills lie in diagnosing and designing solutions in an ultra lean fashion, ensuring optimal outcomes. As an IFS channel partner, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that align with your long-term goals, providing you with the confidence of a tailored approach while keeping your total cost of ownership in check.

Build & Evolve

Shape an ultra lean team of IFS specialists that align with your unique requirements, dedicated to building, testing, and evolving your IFS technology. Get rapid development and deployment of tailored IFS solutions within shorter time frames. Respond to business needs with lightning-fast efficiency. Get issues addressed correctly the first time by interacting with specialists who possess deep expertise.