Digital Compass

Your business and technology need a common North Star.  Without this, much will be wasted on failed projects.  The compass is a set play that can be directed at entire businesses, business units or a specific strategy such as digital monetization.

Why? Our thoughts..

  • Digital investments are risky which means the decisions can be agonized over
  • Business and technology both change rapidly making factors a moving target 
  • Decisions on Digital technologies are complex and require specific expertise for defined periods of time

How can this be solved?

Define the North Star

Deploy a systematic approach to steering your technology and business into the same direction. This can be a few hours of work but can be transformative if succesful.

Adapt & Adopt

Maintain a plan that changes in real time.  Just like a compass, you must continuously check if you are still facing your North Star. If you looked at your compass one time and went on a journey, how likely would you be to get there?

Partner Ecosystems

Get access to a partner ecosystem that can guide you through wherever your North Star takes you. There is a lot out there to learn and it’s not feasible to be an expert in everything.

Digital compass: Our set play to help you make the right decisions.

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