IFS Evolution as a service

IFS  is one of the most powerful ERP, EAM and Service Management platforms on the market. Recognizing this position, JumpModel is committed to helping your business optimize the utilization of IFS. Don’t just operate in IFS, thrive with it.

Ultra lean, lightning fast. Very easy.

You can engage our high powered IFS ecosystem as early as tomorrow. We’ll take on anything that involves designing, building or configuring technology solutions within the IFS applications platform. Our model allows us to offer you fast and high quality solutions with ultra lean expert teams.

What we offer.

  • Ultra Lean delivery with en elite IFS ecosystem
  • Vast business domain knowledge in many common and niche areas
  • Frameworks to engage and deliver quality at lightning speed

Configure & Integrate

Configuration and Integration Services in IFS with third-party systems and data sources. Get experts that have experience in the exact domain and third-party system you are working with.  Bring them in for short periods to knock out bottlenecks quickly.


Build custom tools and applications on the IFSquickly on an as-needed basis.  Get Developers that have domain specific expertise and specialization in your business model.


Sculpt an ultra lean team of IFS specialists that align with your specific domain needs to address issues as they arise.  Respond to business needs with lightning fast efficiency. Get issues addressed correctly the first time by interacting directly with specialists that have deep expertise.

No companies IFS needs are the same; JumpModel offers flexible plans for everyone:

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