Digital Evolve

Software is too important to your business to merely “support” or “sustain” it.¬† In order to get more value from your software over time, the software must be changing with your business and people.¬† It’s not easy.

Support isn’t enough. Evolve.

Why? Our thoughts..

  • Managing a range of work from small tasks to medium size projects tends to create confusion
  • Often the adoption of a solution is the problem, not the solution itself
  • Communication through documentation is difficult to execute well
  • Retaining expertise that can address your need is hard over the long term

How can this be solved?

Specialist Triage

The first person to look at your issues must be a senior subject matter expert in your software as well as someone well versed in your business. Get your issues started on the right track.

Expert Partner Ecosystem

What does a firefighter do between fighting fires? Not much. Don’t pay your fire fighters when they aren’t fighting fires. Maintain a best in class partner ecosystem.

See value, not tasks

Playing whack-a-mole with your problems is time consuming and painful. Tasks, sprints, projects and adoption efforts should each have their own approach. Clearly define the difference and decrease churn.

Digital Evolve: Our set play to increase long term value and usefulness of business software.

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