Oracle EPM Evolve

Enterprise Performance management is too important to your business to merely “support” or “sustain” it.  In order to get more value from your Oracle EPM Suite over time,  it must change along with your business and people.  Fair statement? Look no further.

Support isn’t enough. Evolve.

Why? Our thoughts..

  • Handling a range of Oracle EPM needs from small tasks to large delivery can be a difficult when technical and financial people cannot communicate effectively
  • Retaining Orscle EPM expertise that can address your needs well is hard over the long term
  • Often the adoption or incorrect use of Oracle EPM functions can be a root cause, this is usually caused my lack of training or value education

How can this be solved?

Product Advisory

The first person to look at your EPM needs must be a Senior Accountant with both technical and financial background. Don’t set for one or the other, you need both.

Partner Ecosystem

What does a firefighter do between fighting fires? Not a whole lot. Don’t pay your EPM firefighters when they aren’t fighting fires. Maintain a best in class partner ecosystem.

EPM value, not tasks

Playing whack-a-mole with your EPM problems is time consuming and painful. Tasks, sprints, projects and adoption efforts should each have their own approach. Clearly define the difference and see them all handled as such.

Oracle EPM Evolve: Our set play to deliver valuable Enterprise Performance Management experiences.

Oracle EPM capabilities we focus on:

Getting started is easy with these two paths

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