The 4 best articles to get you up to speed on Low-Code

January 13, 2020 | Matthew Carswell

Low-Code development is a term that was coined by analysts at Forrester almost 6 years ago, but it’s a trend that’s been snowballing since the advent of the spreadsheet. Many predict that over the next decade business applications will undergo a vast shift towards Low-Code platforms. Gartner predicts that by 2024 nearly 75% of business will be using at least four Low-Code development platforms. Low-Code is great because it inherently decreases friction between users and technology creation, enabling value to explode onto the scene faster than ever before.

Since the decade of Low-Code and the Citizen Developer is now here – most business executives eventually will want to stop throwing their money away with custom development. For those that are new to this concept, we put together a list of our favorite articles that can get you up to speed. Here they are:

TechRepublic always does a great job with their CheatSheets, here’s the Low-Code one:

A slightly older but very relevant article on the citizen developer and how Low-Code gives them more power than ever before:

Here’s a very interesting perspective of Low-Code from the perspective of the Coder:

If you’d like geek out on a very unbiased Low-Code research paper, here you go:


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