Workday® chatbot is finally here!

June 26, 2020 | JumpModel Workday Evolve

Let’s get creative with Workday® Assistant

It’s no secret today’s businesses are a highly-integrated stack of technology and software. Business owners and decision makers are constantly looking for new ways to implement technological solutions to persistent and on-going issues. Automating previously manual practices within an organization can improve efficiency, remove redundancy, eliminate human error, and greatly support the employees ability to complete tasks. Workday’s new Chatbot – WorkdayAssistant offers a new set of tools to generate efficiencies.  

Workday Assistant is the Workday patented chatbot that solves a lot of of Workday user input needs. Built with AI, business logic, and sophisticated software that informs and empowers natural conversation, Workday Assistant is one of the strongest chatbots on the market. Especially if it’s integrated with previously established Workday software. 

The Workday Assistant wasn’t only built to be integrated into the consumer-side of things. The use of Workday Assistant and Workday software in the human resources department, and recruiting function in particular, is quickly becoming a standard business practice, with accelerating growth projections.  

According to a report by CNBC, using chatbots will help the business save costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022

There are a lot of practical applications for the Workday Assistant within the HR department, recruitment, and organizations as a whole. In terms of recruiting, a chatbot like Workday Assistant can provide automated recruiting services, like AI driven text-conversations capable of holding full-length human-like conversations. An excellent way to attract a younger, digitally native workforce that prioritizes efficiency and tech-integration.

Using a Chatbot in Human Resources

Integration is the keyword here. Being a tech-savvy company includes utilizing technology on both the customer-side, and the company side of things. The Workday Assistant is easily integrated into a number of existing systems, and offers a huge upside when it comes to efficiency. The sophisticated chat-bot software is easily integrated into existing Microsoft teams, Slack communication channels, or previously set up Workday software. All in all making the Workday Assistant chatbot flexible, versatile, and adaptable. 

There are a wide variety of applications for chatbots within human resources. Some of these use-cases include: 

  • Time Tracking
  • Custom Help Contact
  • Time Off
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Career
  • Change Job
  • Expenses
  • Recruiting
  • Worker Data
  • Performance

This offers a wide-breadth of practical implementations that streamline routine processes and assist employees in completing tasks both internally and externally. Providing employees easy and direct access to information included in their benefit-packages, time tracking, payroll, and other information. 

Other practical implementations of Workday software might be an integration into the job-change function. Or maybe generating a job-change template – or maybe even an automated job-change process with a Workday Assistant chatbot, could greatly improve efficiency. This helps streamline the job-change process that can traditionally present complicated challenges and eat up valuable time. 

Workday Assistant set-up is simple to achieve, and offers an excellent set of standard settings that prioritize optimized user-experience and operational efficiency. Additionally, Workday features important security elements that can assist an organization in limiting the access to data. This ensures that the appropriate users have the appropriate permissions, and sensitive information isn’t accessed by the wrong parties. 

Workday Assistant is powerful with many implications that streamline Workday Assistant is only the latest features in the Workday suite of products that has a whole spectrum of beneficial business features. From providing deeper insight into worker data, payroll, and expense reports; to improving the consumer journey and integrating fully automated recruitment practices like SMS conversations driven by AI. 

Boasting a wide range of functionality, Workday Assistant is smart, intuitive, and designed to improve efficiency and streamline workflows. No matter the department in which they’re employed. Workday Assistant and Workday software solutions are powerful business tools that can generate systematic efficiency, and drive a myriad of important business metrics.  

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